Diabetic treatment Revolutionized.

For people at diabetic risk, glucose control is at its most crucial while in hospital or surgery. Correcting abnormal glucose levels and keeping them normal speeds recovery, prevents infection, and reduces complications. To date, this has been difficult, highly labor-intensive, and imprecise.
That is about to change.



Admetsys has developed a first-of-its-kind artificial pancreas for hospital and surgical care, leveraging adaptive learning algorithms and counter-balancing treatment of insulin and glucose.

Admetsys has conducted 3 clinical trials with outstanding results!

97% Control

Between 80-125 mg/dL

0% Hypoglycemia

2.5 hrs Mean Time


Improved Glycemic control has been associated with:

Overall In-Hospital

Saves Lives!

Reduction In Complicatons

Avoiding $100,000 per Incident!

Reduction In ICU
Length Of Stay

Savinf $8,000 per Patient!

Frequent measures are critical for a clear gylecemic reading.

In one retropective study, average frequency was 2.6 hours despite a goal of hourly checks

12-minute measurement delay (from hourly) was associated with 67% of severe hypoglycemia episodes

86% of nurses in one study, felt that an easier or more automated form of measurement was needed.


During the conceptual process we had very strict guidelines due to the fact that it is a medical product.

Size, Structure, Material, Function all played a heavy role and we decided to combine two different designs.

Phase 1

Phase 1 prototypes were rapid prototypes constructed from cardboard, foam core, and other quick on the fly materials.

The purpose was to understand the best layout of the technology to determine the optimal usage.

Final Prototype

Our final prototype was one that we used for the Toronto EDIT innovative technology convention.